Utility Accounts

Utility Accounts


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Fax: (509) 927-2867

Email:  info@millwoodwa.us

Mailing Address:  9103 E. Frederick Ave, Spokane WA 99206


Utility Service and Accounting:

Billing period

Water meters are read on the last working day of the month.  Bills are sent out monthly on the 11th of each month for the previous calendar month.

Online Bill Pay

Online payment of utility bills is now available through our agreement with Xpress Bill Pay. Click here for more information.


Water Service

(Resolution #2016-19, December 13, 2016)

   Residential and Commercial Service

Base water rate                                $26.75 (includes 1000 cu ft per mo.)

Excess usage up to 2000 cu ft             20¢ per 100 cu ft

Excess usage greater than 2000 cu ft   30¢ per 100 cu ft

   Public Irrigation Service

Usage up to 88,000 cu ft                        20¢ per 100 cu ft

Excess usage greater than 88,000 cu ft   30¢ per 100 cu ft

   Private Irrigation Service

Usage up to 22,000 cu ft                        20¢ per 100 cu ft

Excess usage greater than 88,000 cu ft   30¢ per 100 cu ft

Sewer Service

(Resolution #2016-19,  December 13, 2016)

The monthly cost for sewer service is made up of two parts, the Monthly Service charge and the Wastewater Treatment charge.

  Monthly Sewer Service

Residential Service              $17.25 per month

Nonresidential Service

  •            Basic Monthly Service              $17.25 per month
  •            Excess Volume                        $1.80 per 100 cu. ft. per month in excess of 800 cu. ft. per month based on nonirrigating season water usage
    Wastewater Treatment Charge

Residential and Nonresidential  $10.00 per month


Utility bills are due and payable upon receipt and become delinquent the 11th day of the month following the monthly billing.

Service Fees

Account Servicing Fee $25.00
Delinquency Notice Fee $10.00
Disconnect Fee $25.00
Reconnect Fee $25.00
Reconnect Fee (After Hours) $125.00
Service Call $85.00 per hr + parts
Service Call (After Hours) $135.00 per hr + parts
Service Call (Team) $185.00 per hr + parts
Service Call (Team After Hours) $235.00 per hr + parts
Meter Tampering Fee $150.00 per occurrence
NSF Check Fee $35.00


Connection Fees


Plan Review Fee $50.00
Permit Fee (includes inspection) $100.00
Documentation Fee $50.00
System Connection Fee $1,000.00 + cost for meters, materials and labor
General Facilities Charge (*) Effective Jan. 1, 2011  $4,220

Effective Jan 1, 2012   $4,510

(*) GFC set by Spokane County Resolution No. 09-0673)




A security deposit may be required from new or existing utility customers to insure payment.


Policies revised July 5, 2010, Council Resolution #10-10 and #11-09



City of Millwood

City of Millwood

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