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Billing period

Water meters are read on the last working day of the month. Bills are sent out monthly on the 11th of each month for the previous calendar month.


A security deposit may be required from new or existing utility customers to insure payment.

Policies revised July 5, 2010, Council Resolution #10-10 and #11-09






Water Service 

   Residential and Commercial Service

Base water rate                                $27.75 (includes 1000 cu ft per mo.)

Excess usage up to 2000 cu ft             20¢ per 100 cu ft

Excess usage greater than 2000 cu ft   30¢ per 100 cu ft

   Public Irrigation Service

Usage up to 88,000 cu ft                        20¢ per 100 cu ft

Excess usage greater than 88,000 cu ft   30¢ per 100 cu ft

   Private Irrigation Service

Usage up to 22,000 cu ft                        20¢ per 100 cu ft

Excess usage greater than 88,000 cu ft   30¢ per 100 cu ft

Sewer Service

(Resolution #2016-19,  December 13, 2016)

The monthly cost for sewer service is made up of two parts, the Monthly Service charge and the Wastewater Treatment charge.

  Monthly Sewer Service

Residential Service              $17.25 per month

Nonresidential Service

  •            Basic Monthly Service              $17.25 per month
  •            Excess Volume                        $1.80 per 100 cu. ft. per month in excess of 800 cu. ft. per month based on nonirrigating season water usage
    Wastewater Treatment Charge

Residential and Nonresidential  $10.00 per month


Utility bills are due and payable upon receipt and become delinquent the 11th day of the month followng the monthly billing.

Service Fees

Account Servicing Fee $25.00
Delinquency Notice Fee $10.00
Disconnect Fee $25.00
Reconnect Fee $25.00
Reconnect Fee (After Hours) $125.00
Service Call $85.00 per hr + parts
Service Call (After Hours) $135.00 per hr + parts
Service Call (Team) $185.00 per hr + parts
Service Call (Team After Hours) $235.00 per hr + parts
Meter Tampering Fee $150.00 per occurrence
NSF Check Fee $35.00


New Connections

Plan Review Fee                             $50.00

Permit Fee w/inspection                 $100.00

Documentation Fee                        $50.00

System Connection Fee                 $1,000.00 + parts, materials, & labor

General Facilities Fee*                   Effective Jan. 1, 2012  $4,510

(*) GFC set by Spokane County Resolution No. 09-0673


A security deposit may be required from new or existing customers to insure payment.






RESOLUTION # 10-10 JULY 5, 2010

Billing and Payments:

(a) Utility billings shall be issued on a monthly billing cycle. Charges for current utility services appearing on a utility bill issued by the City shall be itemized for said utilities. Past due charges may be included in a single delinquent balance.

(b) The Treasurer shall provide residential customers the option of a written budget billing or equal payment plan pursuant to RCW 35.21.300(4), as currently enacted or hereafter amended, based on the consumption for the residential unit for the previous twelve (12) months
and which is designed to address any past due bills and continued utility service. Utility service for customers for newly-constructed residential units or residential units for which there is no record of consumption for the previous twelve (12) months shall be based upon an estimate of
the average utility service charges for a similar residential unit, as determined by the Treasurer. The customer shall agree in writing to such budget billing or payment plan and continued utility service. If any delinquencies occur during the life of the budget billing or equal payment plan, the residential customer or property owner shall not be eligible for the protections under the plan until all delinquencies are paid. Quarterly adjustments shall be calculated into the plan to account for rate changes or changes in average monthly consumptions for the quarter.

(c) Unless authorized by the Treasurer, payments received shall be allocated as follows:

(i) interest,

(ii) penalties,

(iii) taxes,

(iv) miscellaneous fees,

(v) sewer,

(vi)  improvements, and

(vii) water.

(d) The outstanding balance for utility services is due upon transfer of ownership of the premises or property or the final billing for a customer.

Estimation of Charges:

When it is not reasonably possible to obtain information regarding actual usage of utility service, billings for utility items may be based on reasonable estimations, including but not limited to prior consumption readings, comparable usages, or estimated costs of other services to be provided.


(a) There shall be a fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) for each check tendered in payment of utility bills and said check is returned for insufficient funds or is otherwise not payable. Dishonored checks tendered may be retrieved at the City Hall upon payment of a dishonored check fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) and all other outstanding charges, fees, interest, and penalties. The City reserves the right to require payment by cash or certified funds from any customer who has previously tendered a dishonored check.

(b) There shall be a disconnect fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) resulting from the City’s discontinuance, termination, or suspension utility service. There shall be a connect fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for reconnections made during regular business hours of the City,
and a connect fee of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00) for reconnections made at a customer’s written request outside of regular working hours.

(c) Said fees may be stated as a separate item on the utility bill.


A security deposit or advance payment may be required by the Treasurer from new or existing City utility customers to insure payment for utility services, labor, materials, or other items furnished by the City to its utility customers. Such deposit, if required, shall be as

(a) For domestic use, one hundred dollars ($100.00);
(b) For business or commercial purposes, a sum equal to twice the average monthly bill of similar lines of business as determined by the Treasurer.

Upon termination of utility service to the customer, the amount of the deposit may be applied against any utility charges then due or to become due from the customer, including any connection or reconnection charges. If there is a balance remaining after payment of all utility charges then due or to become due, such balance shall be refunded to the customer.

If a new customer presents a letter of credit reference that is for the immediate prior twelve (12) months of continuous service from a comparable utility company and meets the definition of “good credit history,” then the customer may be exempt from the requirement to
make a deposit for utility services. For the purposes of this section, “good credit history” is defined as follows:

(a) One or fewer delinquent notices within the previous twelve (12) months;
(b) No disconnects for non-payment of a bill or deposit within the previous twelve (12) months;
(c) One or fewer checks returned to the City or prior utility for insufficient funds from his/her bank within the previous twelve (12) months; and
(d) No outstanding balances for utilities with the city within the last five (5) years.


(a) Utility bills are due and payable upon receipt and become delinquent the eleventh (11th) day of the month following the monthly billing. On the eleventh (11th) day of the first month of delinquency a past due notice shall be sent showing the amount owing. On the eleventh (11th) day of the second month of delinquency, notice in accordance with Section 9 of this Resolution will be transmitted to the customer showing the past due amount and the date utility services shall be terminated. There shall be a ten-dollar ($10.00) delinquency fee in connection with said notice. If the bill is not paid within fourteen (14) days, utility service shall be terminated on the fifteenth (15th) day of such delinquency.

(b) The City may authorize in writing a refund, credit or adjustment for any rate or charge when it is determined that an error, miscalculation or mistake has occurred. No refund, credit or service charge adjustment may be authorized unless brought to the attention of the Treasurer within three (3) years of the occurrence of the error, miscalculation or mistake. In any instance where refund or credit is authorized, accrued interest on the outstanding amount shall be waived.

Remedies for Delinquencies and Termination of Service:

(a) If an account becomes delinquent, no officer, agent or employee of the City may authorize or permit any further City service or process any application for a permit, license or similar authorization from the City, when such application has been requested by the customer whose account is delinquent; provided, however, such prohibition under this section shall be lifted when the account is paid in full. This section shall not apply to the provision of water, sewer or storm sewer service, but shall apply to connections, inspections, engineering and other similar services furnished in connection with water, sewer, and storm sewer services.

(b) In the case of delinquent accounts, the Treasurer may permit delayed termination of utility service upon execution of a written deferred payment agreement by the customer and a minimum of 50 percent payment of the utility account balance to avoid termination;
PROVIDED, however, the Treasurer is under no obligation to enter into any such agreement with any customer who has not fully and satisfactorily complied with the terms of any previous agreement.

(c) Termination or discontinuance of service for any cause stated in this resolution shall not release the customer from any obligation to the City for payment of bills, charges, fees, interest, or penalties.

(d) The City may discontinue or terminate any or all utility services to a customer for failure to pay connection charges for any utility service furnished to a customer, or for the fraudulent, illegal or unauthorized use or abuse of any utility service, or the failure or refusal of
the customer to comply with all rules, regulations, resolutions or ordinances pertaining to the receipt and use of utility services furnished by the City.

(e) If an account becomes delinquent and such account affects a residential rental unit occupied by a tenant that is not the customer, the affected tenant may request the City provide utility services to the service address on the same terms and conditions as other residential utility customers in the City, without requiring that such tenant pay delinquent amounts for utility services billed directly to the customer except as otherwise allowed by law and where the City offers the affected tenant the opportunity to set up a reasonable payment plan, in writing, for the
delinquent amount legally due the City.

Legal Action for Delinquency:

Any previous customer, including the owner or occupant, knowingly permitting charges regularly listed upon their City utility billings to so accrue without making adequate provisions for the payment thereof shall be liable in an action brought in municipal court for the amount of the  accrued delinquency plus all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by the City in relation to collection of such delinquency.

Notice of Delinquency:

(a) Prior to termination of a customer’s utility service for nonpayment, notice shall be given to the customer setting forth the unpaid charges considered delinquent, interest, penalties and fees; providing notice that the customer’s utility service will be discontinued and shut off at
the meter if such charges, interest, and penalties are not paid within a specified number of days; and providing notice that all outstanding charges, fees, interest, and penalties shall be paid before utility service may be resumed.

(b) Said notice may be mailed, faxed, personally delivered, or left or posted at the service address as shown in the files of the City. The notices shall be given no later than fifteen (15) days nor less than seven (7) business days prior to termination of service.

(c) Where the City has reason to believe that a termination of utility service will affect more than one residential rental unit or account at a given service address, the customer’s address is not the same as the service address of a residential rental unit, or the City has been notified that a tenant resides at the service address, the City will make a good faith and reasonable effort to give written notice to the customer and each residential rental unit at a given service address of a pending termination of utility service in the manner provided in this section.

(d) Nothing herein shall require said notice to be given in cases of consent, vacant premises, emergency, or as may be required for repairs at the direction of the Public Works Director.


(a) As provided in the RCW 35.21.290 and RCW 35.21.300, as currently enacted or hereafter amended, the City shall have a lien against the premises and property being provided water utility services for four (4) months utility service charges therefore due or to become due, but not for any charges more than four (4) months past due.

(b) Subject to the provisions of this resolution, a lien arising as a result of water service may be enforced only by terminating or discontinuing the utility service until the delinquent and unpaid charges are paid. In the event of a disputed account and tender by the customer of the amount the customer claims to be due before the utility service is cut off, the right to refuse utility service to any premises or property shall not accrue until suit has been entered by the City in the Spokane County Superior Court and a judgment has been entered in the case.

(c) The provisions of this resolution shall not be construed to limit the exercise of other municipal rights and remedies with regard to the collection of delinquent accounts for utility services other than water service. In addition to any other remedies permitted by law, the City shall have a lien pursuant to Chapter 35.67 RCW, as currently enacted or hereafter amended, for all delinquent and unpaid storm and surface water rates and charges, including interest at the statutory rate, against the developed parcel which is subject to the charge. The lien may be foreclosed pursuant to Chapter 35.67 RCW, as currently enacted or hereafter amended.


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