Planning and Building is responsible for administering the Comprehensive Plan, and the zoning, subdivision, environmental and building codes for the City of Millwood.

Tom Richardson, City Planner

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Public Participation Program

GMA Update:

Click here to go to the webpage for the 2017 GMA-required update of the Millwood Comprehensive Plan


The Planning Commission is accepting applications for proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Click here for more information.

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Building Permits:


Building permits within the City of Millwood city limits are issued by the City of Millwood.  The City Planner serves as the Building Official.  Plan reviews and inspections are performed by Spokane County Building and Planning under a contract with the City.

Spokane Regional Clean Air -- Asbestos Requirements



Millwood Comprehensive Plan

Zoning Map (Ord. 471, February, 2015)


Planning Fee Schedule

List of Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Development Regulation Amendments