Council Resolutions

Council Resolutions

Resolution 2018-08

Resolution 2018-07

Resolution 2018-06 Interfund Loan

Resolution 2018-05 Public Records Procedures

Resolution 2018-04 TIP

Resolution 2018-03 Citizen Participation Guidelines

Resolution 2018-02 VEBA

Resolution 2017-06 County CDBG Consortium

Resolution 2017-05 Local Agency Agreement Argonne Congestion Relief

Resolution 2017-04 2018-2023 Transportation Improvement Program

Resolution 2017-03  WUTC Grant Agreement Extension

Resolution 2017-02  Public Participation Riverway Parcels

Resolution 2017-01   Union Pacific Railroad Crossing Agreement


Resolution 16-19   Setting Water and Sewer Rates

Resolution 16-18   Authorizing Mayor’s Signature for DOT Grant

Resolution 16-17  Authorizing Purchase of Real Property

Resolution 16-16  Identifying Tax Levy for 2017

Resolution 16-15  Renewal of SCRAPS Interlocal Agreement

Resolution 16-14  Property Tax Levy for 2017

Resolution 16-13

Resolution 16-12  WUTC Grade Crossing Protective Fund Grant

Resolution 16-11  In Support of STA Proposition 1

Resolution 16-10  Financial Policies

Resolution 16-09  Surplus Property

Resolution 16-08  Spokane County Human Rights Task Force

Resolution 16-07  STA Moving Forward

Resolution 16-06  Pavement Cut Policy

Resolution 16.05  Transportation Improvement Program 2017-2022

Resolution 16-04  Travel Reimbursement

Resolution 16-03  Utility Billing Policies

Resolution 16-02  Membership in Joint National Powers Alliance

Resolution 16-01  HRA/VEBA Policy


Resolution 15-12  Cost Allocation Policy

Resolution 15-11  Water Rates

Resolution 15-10   Resolution for Property Tax Increase 2016

Resolution 15-09   Findings for Marijuana Business Moratorium

Resolution 15-08   Small and Attractive Asset Policy

Resolution 15-07   Ad Valorem Tax Levy Certification 2016

Resolution 15-06   WSDOT Advance Construction Authorization for Millwood Trail

Resolution 15-05    Employee Handbook

Resolution 15-04    Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program

Resolution 15-03   Adoption of Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan and Flow Control Ordinance

Resolution 15-02   Historic Preservation Commission Rules of Procedure

Resolution 15-01   Utility Accounting Policies


Resolution 14-13  Sewer Rates

Resolution 14-12  Identifying Tax Levy Increase – Revised

Resolution 14-11  Setting Ad Valorem Tax Levy for 2015 – Revised

Resolution 14-10  Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution 14-09  Identifying Tax Increase for 2015

Resolution 14-08  Setting Ad Valorem Tax Levy for 2015

Resolution 14-07   Interlocal Agreement with Spokane County – Solid Waste

Resolution 14-06  Charges for Photocopies

Resolution 14-05  Declaration of Surplus Property

Resolution 14-04  Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program 2015-2020

Resolution 14-03  Accepting Ecology’s Changes to Shoreline Master Program

Resolution 14-02  Authorization to Aceept Credit Card Payments

Resolution 14-01  Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control Services


Resolution 13-13  Identifying Property Tax Increase for 2014 – revised

Resolution 13-12  2014 Property (Ad Valorem) Tax Levy – revised

Resolution 13-11  Spokane Valley Library Capital Facility Area

Resolution 13-10  Identifying Property Tax Increase for 2014

Resolution 13-09  2014 Property (Ad Valorem) Tax Levy

Resolution 13-08  AWC Employee Health Benefit Trust Interlocal Agreement

Resolution 13-07  Moratorium on Marijuana Uses – Findings

Resolution 13-06  Designation of Official Newspaper

Resolution 13-05  Amending Small Public Works Roster Process

Resolution 13-04  Adopting Employee Manual

Resolution 13-03  Six Year Transportation Improvement Program

Resolution 13-02  Felts Field Air Traffic Control Funding

Resolution 13-01  Shoreline Master Program


Resolution 12-19  Spokane Transit Authority Board Representative

Resolution 12-18  Spokane County Animal Control Agreement

Resolution 12-17  Amending Six Year Transportation Improvement Program

Resolution 12-16  Water and Sewer Rates

Resolution 12-15  Credit Card Use Policy

Resolution 12-14  Identifying 2013 Property Tax Increase

Resolution 12-13  2013 Ad Valorem Tax Levy

Resolution 12-12  VEBA Policy

Resolution 12-11  Declaration of Surplus Property

Resolution 12-10  Increasing Utility Cash Drawer

Resolution 12-09  Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan

Resolution 12-08   Emergency Management Services Interlocal Agreement

Resolution 12-07   Grant of License to Sustainable Works

Resolution 12-06  Water Rates

Resolution 12-05  Alley Vacation, Block 6 Millwood Addition

Resolution 12-04   Information Facility Policy

Resolution 12-03  Purchasing and Bidding Policy

Resolution 12-02  Spokane Transit Authority Representative

Resolution 12-01 Spokane County Animal Control Services Agreement


Resolution 11-17  Interlocal Agreement with Spokane County Sheriff for Law Enforcement Services

Resolution 11-16  Revision of City Boundary Line on Vista Road and Bessie Road

Resolution 11-15  Identifying 2012 Property Tax Increase

Resolution 11-14  2012 Ad Valorem Tax Levy

Resolution 11-13  Adopting Findings for Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Resolution 11-12  State Purchasing Cooperative Interlocal Agreement

Resolution 11-11  Multijurisdictional Agreement with Spokane County for Sewage Pretreatment

Resolution 11-10  Washington Cities Insurance Authority Interlocal Agreement

Resolution 11-09  Utility Service Fees

Resolution 11-08  Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program

Resolution 11-07  Business Expense Policy (non-travel)

Resolution 11-05  Composition of STA Board

Resolution 11-04  Renewal of County Animal Services Contract

Resolution 11-03  Planning Fees

Resolution 11-02  Spokane County Building Services Agreement

Resolution 11-01  Adopting Emergency Management Plan


Resolution 10-15  Water and Sewer Rates

Resolution 10-14  Declaration of Surplus Property

Resolution 10-13  Identifying 2011 Property Tax Increase

Resolution 10-12  2011 Ad Valorem Tax Levy

Resolution 10-11  SRTC Interlocal Agreement

Resolution 10-10  Utility Billing Policies

Resolution 10-09  Small Works Roster

Resolution 10-07  Water Use Efficiency Goal

Resolution 10-06  Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan

City of Millwood

City of Millwood

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