Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Planning

The Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA), adopted by the State Legislature in 1990, is a state law that requires cities and counties throughout the state to develop comprehensive plans and development regulations meant to manage population growth throughout the state and to protect critical areas and other natural resources.

The comprehensive plan is the cornerstone of local planning.  It is both the long term vision for the City and the goals, policies, objectives, and actions that inform the day to day decisions made by elected officials and staff. The current Millwood Comprehensive Plan can be found here.

GMA requires a thorough review and update (if necessary) of the comprehensive plan every 8 years, a process commonly referred to as the “Periodic” or “Legislative” update.  Additionally, local governments may consider smaller amendments to the plan no more than once a year.

As of January 2019 the City of Millwood is conducting both the Legislative update as well as a package of 3 annual amendments.



 Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The City of Millwood’s annual comprehensive plan process begins in the fall.  Applications requesting amendments to the comprehensive plan are accepted no later than November 1st, followed by public hearings with the Planning Commission and adoption taking place in  early spring of the following year.

The City is currently accepting applications for the 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment cycle.

City of Millwood

City of Millwood

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