City Clerk

City Clerk

The Clerk’s office is responsible for issuing business licenses, caring for city records and ordinances and responding to requests for public documents. The clerk serves as the secretary of the city council.

Christina Janssen, City Clerk(509) 924-0960


Utility Service Fees  Resolution 2011-09

Water Rates Resolution 2015-11

Sewer Rates Resolution 2014-13

Utility Billing Policies – Resolution 2016-03

Planning Fees  Resolution 2011-03

Building Permit Fees Spokane County Brochure BP-4

Business Licenses

Millwood business licenses are required for businesses located in Millwood. “Business” means any kind of vocation, occupation, profession, trade, enterprise, establishment, industry, or commercial venture which occupies or maintains a location or site within the city, for more than fourteen (14) days per calendar year, for the purpose of managing, manufacturing, selling, distributing, storing or providing products, goods or services or any other kind of activity that is conducted for profit or pecuniary benefit.

The City has partnered with Washington State Business Licensing Service to provide a more convenient process for obtaining a Millwood business license. Clicking on the following link will take you to the Business License Service’s website.

Business Licensing Service

For more information click on “City Ordinances” on the left and go to Chapter 5.02 Business License Requirements and Fees.

Pet Licenses

The City of Millwood has contracted with Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services (SCRAPS), and has adopted the Spokane County Animal Control ordinance.

SCRAPS is located at 6815 E. Trent, Spokane Valley, WA 99212, telephone (509) 477-2532

Office Hours:
M,T,Th,F 10:00am – 5:30pm
Wednesday Noon – 6:30pm
Saturday and  Sunday 10:00am – 5:00 pm

Click here to go the the SCRAPS website.

Click here to link to the County Code.

Requests for Public Records

The City of Millwood charges 15 cents per page for copies of 8-1/2x”11″ or 8-1/2″x14″ black and white or color pages, and the actual cost of reproduction for other documents, plus postage if applicable. Requests may be made by submitting a request form (see Forms link above) by mail, fax or email to the City Clerk.




Interlocal agreements are posted in the “Documents” section in the Primary Menu on the left column of the home page.



City of Millwood

City of Millwood

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