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Building Permits within the City of Millwood are issued in partnership with the Spokane County Building and Planning Department.  Site plan review is conducted by the City of Millwood Planning Department. Structural plan review and inspections are preformed by the county under a contract with the city.

      *   Residential Site Plan Requirements

The following permits are reviewed and issued by the City of Millwood Planning Department and do not require county review:

Permits for the following projects require City of Millwood approval prior to being submitted to Spokane County Building and Planning for review:

Applications for the following projects may be submitted directly to Spokane County Building and Planning:

Prefer to submit your application to the county online or need to request an inspection?  Click here for the county’s Online Permit Portal.

Additional information can be found at:

Spokane County Fee Schedule

Spokane Regional Clean Air-Asbestos Requirements 


City of Millwood

City of Millwood

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